Andrea Rodés

Andrea Rodés

Andrea Rodés graduated in Business Administration at ESADE (Barcelona) and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Art History by the Courtauld Institute of Art (London).She dreamt of being a museum director, until she started dating a journalist and realised that what she really liked was to write. In 2007 she moved to Beijing to work as the China correspondent for daily newspaper Público and cover the Olympic Games (Beijing 2008). In 2011, Andrea came back to Barcelona, where she lives now. She works as a freelance journalist for several newspapers and she is the author of five books.
Whenever she feels like writing, or when she is just bored, she writes fiction stories and chronicles in her blog: Operación Berenjena (
In fact, she would have loved to become a professional tennis player, but her coach told her that writing might suit her better.


Catalonia - Spain: The soap opera goes on

 10/16/2017 - 10:17
Demonstration in support of the Catalan independence and the right to a legal referendum in Catalunya. Pamplona, Spain, last October 12, 2017. Photo: EFE-EPA / FILE / Jdiges

In compliance with the deadline set by the Spanish government to announce whether or not to declare independence, Catalan President Carles Puigdemont sent a letter of response to Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Monday asking for dialogue, but he avoided answering the question. Madrid has said it will wait until Thursday to decide whether to suspend Catalonia’s autonomy.


Catalunya-España: el culebrón continúa

 10/16/2017 - 07:51
Una manifestación en apoyo a la causa independentista catalana y al derecho a un referéndum legal en Catalunya en Pamplona, España, el pasado 12 de octubre de 2017. Foto:  EFE-EPA/FILE/Jdiges

Cumpliendo con el plazo marcado por el gobierno español para comunicar si declaró o no la independencia, el presidente catalán Carles Puigdemont envió este lunes una carta de respuesta al primer ministro Mariano Rajoy, en la que pidió diálogo, pero evitó responder a la pregunta. Madrid ha dicho que esperará hasta el jueves para decidir si suspende o no la autonomía de Catalunya.